Foundation in 2015

Invited to Villa Arconati, Fondazione Augusto Rancilio, Bollate (Milan), Italy

Exhibition ‘Otto é Più di un 1/2’ – until 30 October 2015

  • Pierluigi Bellacci 
  • Jean-Luc Guérin 
  • Herman Krikhaar 
  • Antoni Taulè
  • André Queffurus 
  • Josep Uclès 
  • Varozza 
  • Jean Verame

Nicknamed the “small Versailles of Milan,” Villa Arconati and its magnificent rooms are filled with the works of eight painters, each with established reputations from different corners of Europe: Guérin, Queffurus, and Verame (with Belgian roots) from France, Bellacci from Italy, Krikhaar from the Netherlands, Taulé from Spain, and Varozza from Switzerland.

The work of each artist is exhibited in separate rooms, framed by frescoes from the XVII- XVIII centuries, which allows the works to dialogue with the villa’s architecture and colors, creating eight completely different universes.

Through World Art Foundations (, Foundation Augusto Rancilio invited the Herman Krikhaar Foundation to exhibit Krikhaar’s paintings at Villa Arconati

Via Madonna Fametta
20021 Castellazzo MI

Interior of Villa Arconati (Varozza’s room)