Foundation in 2022

Very pleased to share with you the article that was published on the 2nd of August 2022 in PerformArts, written by Catherine Mathis about the Tilman exhibition, but also about Herman Krikhaar, the Krikhaar Foundation and how that lead to the World Art Foundations.

Exhibition Mai 28 – June 19, 2022 in Salernes

The artist Tilman proposes to trap our gaze if, for our misfortune, it is distracted.

The materiality of his proposals is matched by the other deployment, through his works that underline it, of the exhibition space that in its entirety offers itself a new youth.

His references are just as trapping but always cultivated and demand a perceptive beyond. Entering each of these materialities with a free mind offers a mental stroll. We had the opportunity to discover several animated spaces of his constructions and each time, we feel that the place is revised and corrected.

In a fruitful dialogue, some of Varozza’s works are revealed, and the white areas of his paintings also underline the universe of possibilities, all colours out, as if they were sails.

L’artiste Tilman se propose de piéger notre regard si, pour notre malheur, il est distrait.

A la matérialité de ses propositions répond le déploiement autre, de par ses œuvres qui le soulignent, de l’espace d’exposition qui dans sa globalité s’offre une nouvelle jeunesse.

Ses références sont tout autant piégeuses mais toujours cultivées et exige un au-delà perceptif. Rentrer l’esprit libre dans chacune de ces matérialités offre une ballade mentale. Nous avons eu l’occasion de découvrir plusieurs espaces animés de ses constructions et à chaque fois, on sent que le lieu est revu et corrigé.

En un dialogue fécond, se dévoilent certaines œuvres de Varozza qui souligne aussi par les plages blanches de ses tableaux l’univers des possibles, toutes couleurs dehors, comme on dirait des voiles.

For this presentation, the artist conceived 2 new series of works: STREAMERS and MOVEMENTS 1-10.

Tilman`s work, which can be associated with the term `Reduktive Art`, focuses on the perception of light ( Light paints the world ),  perception per se as well as spatiality. His oeuvre can be understood as an investigation of beforementioned creative attributes and an exploration into the realm of light and space.

 To submerge into his work, one should leave behind any formal aspects and approach these objects physically and mentally open-minded. 

These `painted objects` – rather than actual paintings – can be seen as an exploration of architectural space and spatiality. The objects at hand invite to be read as visual instruments …….as tools to offer an experiential understanding beyond the perimeters of mere cognitive perception.

In this visual play, the material WHITE, becomes an important factor. As the artist states: `colors and so-called non-colors are mere shades of light attached to our ability to process spectral vision ..for me they present materials – rather than mere color hues -, without hierarchy and connotations. Besides these attributes, the` material` white signifies for me the idea of space or spatiality, the ether, the void..the void which wants to be filled by the spectator. The painted white space, forms a refuge for reflection and interconnection – the ` interspace`, allowing the viewer to interact and participate in the movement of time/light….and to find his place within the given dialogue and beyond.

The series Streamers introduce a play on floating forms. Loosely based on a rectangular shape, these forms challenge the boundaries of perception based

on our traditional visual settings (rectangular, vertical or horizontal, square etc.)., evoking movement, timelessness, flow and infinity.

Movements 1-10 on the other hand can be seen as an exploration of architectural space, a play on constructed possibilities

The objects allure to view and understand the act of seeing as an experiential experience – to view the finely calibrated movements and refined spatialities between the multi-layered planes in unison with elements of subtle hues as a `body in motion `and to interact in the process of perception with one`s own physique – in short to look awry.