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Herman Krikhaar ‘Seventies’


Windows like eyes in the roof

The attic window which Krikhaar painted as a lonely child was one such eye.

His youth comes back to him in dream images in the early seventies in Salernes.

Everything is tied up with everything else.

Past, present and future

This led Krikhaar to be guided by intuition…. (Pierre Tilman, 1992)


Krikhaar mainly white canvases began to take on more colour around 1976.

The reason for this was the arrival of his girlfriend Sylviana, a fashion designer from Amsterdam.

Mannequins and their svelte movements in showing haute couture are abstracted, mostly in triptychs.

Light, rhythmic lines bursting with energy dominate his work.

Far away from. the temporal world of fashion, the passion and seduction of the woman lives on.

(Pierre Tilman, 1992)