Herman Krikhaar Foundation

Herman Krikhaar Foundation

Three expositions 2012

Recent paintings and works. By Herman van Veen.

This summer Herman van Veen will show recent paintings and works on paper in the Foundation.
The opening will be on the 11th of August at 18.00 (until the 26th of August)

Quatre Visions: Agnès Rosse, Pierre Tilman, Herman Krikhaar et Per Abramsen
For the first time since the inauguration of the Foundation in 2007, Herman Krikhaar's (1930-2010) own work will be on show: paintings, drawings and collages from different periods, but all showing the same vitality, lightness and strength, completely fitting Krikhaar’s personality: full of life.

There will also be sculptures by Dutch artist Per Abramsen (born in 1941), who’s been living in Salernes since many decades. Works from different periods are present; rather a unique occasion, as the sculptor rarely exhibits, preferring to pursue his artistic development instead. In reaction to his classical education Abramsen started working abstractly, but figurative elements soon entered due to the fact the centre of his interest lies with the human form and condition. He likes to work with a wide range of materials varying from bronze, steel and other metals to wood. Nowadays he has a tendency to use materials that are almost weightless like polystyrene, matching his aspiration to express lightness. Being in the south of France with the harsh sun making distinct shadows it was only a matter of time before those shadows would capture Abramsen’s imagination with its tendency to immaterialization. The resulting sculptures are great examples of Abramsen’s subtlety in showing the invisible and in creating the illusion of flat shadow in three-dimensional forms.

Last but not least, varied work of two French artists will be shown: Pierre Tilman (1944), who is born in the village of Villecroze, and his partner Agnès Rosse (1970). As an artist primarily working with words Pierre Tilman wrote biographies on important artists as Eric Dietman, Errò, Robert Fillou, Peter Klasen and Jacques Monory. It isn’t easy to assign one specific art form to him (and he would hate it) as he works and moves easily between different disciplines as the fine arts, video, theatre, photography and literature. Virtual poetry probably covers what he does best, giving him the possibility to explore freedom in the undiscovered spaces in between art forms. The expressive languages of Tilman and Rosse, full of little animals and toys, at first sight might seem to resemble one another slightly. But even though you'll find the same humorous sensibility and gift of free associations through which their art lifts itself beyond the object or image, soon enough you’ll discover that the two artists have completely different aims, methods and aspirations. Animals play a very important part in Rosse’s work. Often literally, as is clear from her subtle videos where small animals like snails or ants are easily convertible - also in scale - into big ones: elephants, lions or giraffes. It says a lot about Rosse’s vision, which embraces and explores all aspects of life, showing she’s a master in exposing our fragility.

Brindille 1989-Indefini
Agnes Rosse LaDance

'Ramon Otting Et Les Autres'
Salernes on a series of landscapes, among which his impressions of the ever imposing 'Gorges du Verdon', sometimes also referred to as Europe's 'Grand Canyon'. The result of his efforts, around 22 paintings and watercolours, will be shown in the Foundation from the May 28th till the end of June. At last year's exhibition 'Hommage to Herman Krikhaar' Otting was represented by two 'sea-scapes' (Normandy) where they immediately drew everyone's attention and admiration. Herman and Ramon met in Salernes in the summer of 2009 and from the start there was a strong friendship between them, based on a shared love of art and life.

Ramon Otting
A Breton

Exposition 5 june – 4 july 2010
'Hommage a Herman Krikhaar - autour Herman'

Twenty artist-friend from London, Amsterdam, Paris and the Provence pay their tribute to Herman, showing their own work:

R. Otting J. Renoir
R. Otting J. Renoir
M.T. Delannoy C. Simeoni
M.T. Delannoy C. Simeoni
A Breton
A. Breton
A. Krikhaar S. Kantorowicz
A. Krikhaar S. Kantorowicz
A. Hadad
A. Hadad
M. Roux
M. Roux
J. Cassee
D. Cassee

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Herman Krikhaar exposition Hommage Salernes Actu Infos Salernes Var 83 Haut Var Verdon

Exposition 14 june – 12 july 2009
Mounira Al Solh, Sharon Houkema and Mascha de Vries
(video’s, photographs and installation art)

With the generous cooperation of the ‘One Minutes Foundation’ and the ‘Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Montevideo/Time Based Arts’ in Amsterdam.
(http://www.mouniraalsolh.com en www.sharonhoukema.info)

Mounira Al Sohl 'The Sea is a Stereo' (video)
Sharon Houkema 'Flow' (drawing: part of installation)
Mascha de Vries 'Hair' (still from video)

Exposition 2008
Paintings and works on paper by Marie Therese Delannoy

Nature is her point of departure and in the series of eighteen paintings, which she realised this winter, she has been inspired by the richness of the kaleidoscopic world under the sea: deep red and pink corals, plants, many coloured fishes and the water itself that keeps varying colour.

hiroshima mon amour double selfportrait

Exposition 2007
Paintings by Marcel Pinas
- Marcel Pinas
This Surinam painter, born in 1971, is quickly becoming well known throughout the international art world.
Pinas created an impressive permanent installation connecting the African and South American collections of the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam.
The appreciation and conservation of his cultural background plays an important role in Pinas’ work. He translates history, language and symbols of the tribe of his forefathers (N’dyuka) in a contemporary way. His colourful work, filled with a sense of optimism, is innovative in many respects.