Herman Krikhaar Foundation

Herman Krikhaar Foundation
Purpose of the Foundation:
As Herman always found it important to promote gifted unknown artists, the foundation - apart from taking care of his work - will continue to work with talented artists. Since 2007 every summer an exhibition of their work is organized in the South of France.

Exposition in the Villa Arconati - until 30 October 2015

Pierluigi Bellacci -Jean-Luc Guérin - Herman Krikhaar - Antoni Taulè
André Queffurus - Josep Uclès - Varozza - Jean Verame on show in the Villa Arconati (It.)

The magnificent rooms of the Villa Arconati, nicknamed the "small Versailles of Milan", are filled with work of eight painters with an established reputation from different corners of Europe: France with Guérin, Queffurus and Verame (Belgium from origin), Italy with Bellacci, the Netherlands with Krikhaar, Spain with Taulé and Uclès and Switzerland with Varozza.

The work of each artist is exposed in one room, trimmed with frescoes of the XVII- XVIII century, thereby dialoguing with its architecture and colors and creating eight completely different universes.

Thanks to intervention of the World Art Foundations (www.worldartfoundations.com) the Herman Krikhaar Foundation has been invited by the Foundation Augusto Rancilio to expose Krikhaars paintings at the Villa Arconati

until 30 octobre 2015,
Open every friday and weekends
For more information about the location www.villaarconati.it

Via Madonna Fametta
20021 Castellazzo MI


Adriaan Korteweg (1870-1917)
a re-discovery

exhibition: 17 may - 15 june 2014
and 1 aug - 17 aug
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 to 19:00 hours
Or by appointment: tel. 00 33 (0) 494 706 701 / contact@hermankrikhaar.com

The exhibition provides an insight into the life and work of Korteweg, who was immediately recognised by Wassily Kandinsky. The Russian painter wrote to Franz Marc, "But the new paintings, the New Art? The only new, really interesting thing which is now really alive is the paintings of a young Dutchman, who once visited me and now comes from time to time...".

The two painters met each other in March 1913. Korteweg, who had broken off his architectural study in Delft in order to paint, was so impressed with Kandinsky's work and writings that he promptly left for Munich. He installed himself in Schwabing, Munich's bohemian quarter, mixing intensely that summer with members of the group of artists known as Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He also met Herwarth Walden and designed a front page for his magazine Der Sturm (The Storm). Walden invited him to the renowned Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon (First German Autumn Salon) in Berlin, where he was represented with four works.


Back in the Netherlands, Korteweg became increasingly interested in theosophy and gave lectures for the Theosophical Association. Kandinsky's Über das Geistige in der Kunst (Concerning the Spiritual in Art) continued to be his chief inspiration. This moved him to write his own life philosophy, kleur-licht-vuur (colour-light-fire) and also led him to visit monasteries in India. Six months later, however, his journey was cut tragically short when, suffering from poor health, he was admitted to a hospital in Madras where he died on 12 November 1917.

In 1993-94, the first exhibition dedicated to Korteweg's work was held in the Lenbachhaus in Munich, which is most famous for its collection of paintings by Der Blaue Reiter.

11 may - 11 october 2013
Pierre Theunissen - sculptures
Varozza - paintings

Fondation Krikhaar - Salernes en collaboration avec Beddington Fine Art
11 May - October 2013

Lance-Pierre(s) », un titre en forme de marelle pour une exposition qui réunit deux Pierre, Pierre et Peter, Theunissen et Varozza.

Pierre Theunissen, après sa rétrospective à Malmaison (Cannes), nous fera découvrir en un redéploiement original certaines de ses sculptures historiques et ses nouvelles propositions tridimensionnelles

Peter Varozza aura vu son actualité ponctuée par une importante exposition à la Villa Tamaris (La Seyne-sur-Mer) et un événement artistique d’ampleur à Amsterdam. Pour ce retour au Sud, l’artiste nous dévoilera ses toiles les plus récentes.

'Diptiek', Varozza
photo: Jacques Renoir
photo: Jacques Renoir

Herman Krikhaar - sculptures
Ramon Otting, Varozza - paintings

Opening by Jan des Bouvrie

LOODS 6, AMSTERDAM 5 - 7 April 2013

Vernissage Friday 5 April, 18h Loods 6, Bagagehal, K.N.S.M.Laan 143, Amsterdam Friday - Sunday from 11.00- 19.00 hours

Ramon Otting (NL)
As a painter of landscapes, seascapes and skies, Ramon Otting spends a good deal of time travelling to distinctive locations and people whose destinies have been marked by them. Even though this takes him to every possible corner of the world – France (Burgundy, Normandy, Provence), Kenya, Italy, Norway, Spain, Texas – he nevertheless continues to be captivated by Dutch landscapes. Otting is a true torchbearer of this age-old tradition.

Varozza (CH)
Born in Antwerp of Swiss nationality, Varozza is a well-known artist in Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland. Distinguished by their elegant, light, poetic brushstrokes, his paintings have recently been on display in the prestigious ‘Villa Tamaris’ in the South of France. They are now to be seen for the first time in the Netherlands.


'Tamaris tree', Varozza impressionistische wijnveld, Ramon Otting